Apple Ipod Nano

Ipod nano is the digital audio player manufactured by Apple in the year 2005. This is the fourth digital audio player produced by Apple. The ipod nano can be connected to any PC through the USB port.

Ipod nano is convenient to use because of its portability and also has compact design and more flashy storage than previous ipod. The Apple ipod nano is attuned with the likes of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and iTunes. It also features a long last battery which has battery life up to 14 hours and is available both in the black and white colorations.

The price of the ipod nano depends on its storage capacity which may be 1GB, 2GB or 4GB and the price range starts from $150 and more. As the popularity of the ipod is increasing, it helps to boom the accessories market for the ipod. There are many number of compatible accessories designed for the ipod in order to increase its efficiency which can also work along with the ipod.

Also known as Ipod ecosystem, these ipod accessories are essential for the gadget to function efficiently. There are different types of accessories such as Apple ipod speakers that use the ipod's third pin dock connector. There are also different other accessories such as sound recorders, recharging accessories and remote controls to use the ipod from a distance. Apart from the electronic accessories for the ipod nano there are also cosmetic accessories that are specially designed to improve the look of the ipod nano. These accessories are also meant for enhancing the security, portability and style of the ipod.

The protective carrying case is specially designed for the ipod nano in order to carry it safely, easily and it also adds to the style factor. Other accessories of the ipod nano are the headphone, connector and a Hi-Fi speaker for using in an electrical outlet or through the battery operation. Since Apple ipod nano is mainly focused on the music, many automobile sectors try to fix it in their cars. As a result the first Apple ipod interface was the BMW by which car owners can operate the ipod through the built-in steering wheel controls.

After this other car owners like Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and other company's plan to release similar plans in their four wheelers. The use of accessories would help to customize the music in the ipod for which these are so popular among the ipod owners.

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