Business Mobile Phone rivals fear that the iPhone will hurt business profits

To date the iPhone has already been snapped up by over 1.2 million Americans. The amazing touch screen hand set is only the size of a credit card and has a built in music player and it even connects to the internet. But the solo deal with mobile phone company 02 has also set the scene for a price war as Britain's mobile phone operators slug it out with each other because of their fears of a massive uptake of the iPhone that will hurt their market share. 02, Britain's biggest mobile operator which has over 17.

8 million customers expects great things from the iPhone. And has invested so heavily that it really relies on it to deliver this quarter. "The prospect of losing customers to O2 because of the iPhone has put all the other providers into a real frenzy.

In the last month they have released so many incredible new phone deals and new devices that it pretty much defies the imagination. "says Jeff Spires of Independent phone operator and Business specialist So while the phone operators are worried? it's really good news for business mobile phone users and those looking for some really great deals. "There has never been so many great deals put before mobile and business users as there are right now" says Jeff. "If you are a business looking to slash your mobile calls now is the right time to find the best possible deal. We are currently saving customers around 30-45% off their current bill on average.

" "Being independent means we can pick the very best deal and with the networks battling it out ? it's our customers that are the real winners!" "The iPhone should really end up helping all phone providers especially as it encourages people to use phones for more than just calls and texting" says Jeff. "Mobile Phones such as the Blackberry have been picked up by business users because they're much more like a handheld PC with all the application software that you can run on them. It's now possible to access all the information on your computer back in the office via your mobile phone while you're still out in the field.

The increased level of productivity this creates is truly amazing." "Blackberry is what we recommend but the iPhone should help to make the person in the street more aware of the incredible mobile technology now available to both personal users and also to small business" Operators have spent 22.5 billion on 3G licenses and have been trying to get customers to download e-mails and music but still 90% of revenues come from calls and texts.

Other phone companies predict the Apple has already removed the sparkle of the iPhone by cutting the iPhone cost just 60 days after its release in the US. Some also say that the O2 deal has been greatly reduced by the launch of the iPod Touch in the US also as users have quickly realized that they can purchase an iPod touch plus get all the benefits of an iPhone and an additional 8 GB of storage without having to commit to any lengthy contract. O2 waits to see what the outcome is? At BusinessMobiles.

com we have over 100 time and money saving mobile solutions.

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