Electricians Health Matters and Tools Used

One hazard for an electrician is fatal risk of electric shock. Most people don't realize but the current in your home or a business can carry enough electrical power to cause electrocution and even death. If you come in contact with a live part of a lamp socket while changing a light bulb, this could be very dangerous and could kill or injure a person.

You can also get electric burns. Moulds, fungi and bacteria can also be a health issue for electricians. Electricians work in moist and wet areas at times. In homes and buildings moulds and fungi can grow on drywall, fabric, wood, ceiling tiles, wallpaper and carpeting. Any moist area can be affected by this and can be a health hazard to a electrician. Hazards of falling, tripping and slipping are also health issues for an electrician.

To avoid having a accident a electrician must watch out for wet or oily surfaces, spills, loose rugs, mats and slippery flooring, poor lighting in areas, clutter in the way, uneven walk surfaces and other things that may cause injury. Electricians should be aware of their surroundings at all times and the potential danger that could be around them. An electrician should try and use safe work practices while working on the job. Constant hand movement can cause pain and sometimes permanent injury.

This could keep you from using your hands for any type of work if it gets really bad. When ever possible it is best to use hand tools and power tools to do the job. Hold your tools close to your body to prevent fatigue and to make the job easier. Back injury can be another problem for electricians. Lifting, pulling, pushing and carrying heavy loads can cause serious back injury. Using teamwork and mechanical items will help prevent back injury.

Also being more careful about the way you lift, pull and push items can also help to lower the risk of back injury. Tools used Electricians should wear a hard hat to protect their heads, especially in construction areas that they are working in. Accidents do happen so electricians should not risk any kind of injury. Ear plugs are important to protect your hearing in areas with loud noises, and should be worn in construction and heavy work areas. Safety shoes are good for many reasons. They protect your feet incase something would fall or get dropped on your foot that is heavy.

Goggles will protect your eyes from debris flying through the air, and from certain weather conditions outside. An electrician should wear no jewelry on the job because gold and silver can be conductors of electricity. Labeling machines are used by electricians to properly label their work at installation. This saves time for an electrician being able to label items.

Electricians use lightweight smaller power tools. They are safer and easier tools to use. The most used power tools for a electrician are saws and drills. Every electrician used drills when doing their work. The type of drill needed depends on the job being done.

And the material you are going to be using the drill on. Saws are another tool that electricians use on a regular basis. Electricians work in all kinds of weather and conditions, inside and outside of homes and businesses. They have to be prepared to work in hot or cold temperatures and under any kind of weather condition. Electricians have to be able to climb up to tall heights and fit in very tight areas when needed. Electricians also have to wear protective clothing that won't get caught up on anything they work around.

And wear clothing that can stand up in any kind of condition. An electricians clothing will be different for hot and cold temperatures. What they wear has everything to do with the weather and other conditions of where they are working.

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