Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Companies that design, assemble, test and manufacture of electronic components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers are known as electronic manufacturing services. The original equipment manufacturers, commonly known as OEM, retain ownership of the designs of such product and brand names. Electronic Manufacturing Services sometimes engage in electronic contracting manufacturers, and specializes in rapid prototyping, and testing of products. Provision of electronic manufacturing large, small or medium series.

The materials can be constructed from the shipment, the seller owns or equipment provided by the customer. Some electronic manufacturing services offer services such as designing conceptual advice of product development, software and the design of mechanical and electrical assistance. Various other electronic manufacturing services have capabilities and can perform a test on the circuit, environmental, technical, analytical laboratory and conformance testing agency. They use several processes and manufacturing techniques. Some of them provide printed circuit boards, connected populated or assembly consulting services in large assemblies.

Other products that can be made are soft circuit boards, rigid and semi-rigid boards flexible circuit boards. In addition, some vendors specialize in optoelectronics. They can assemble devices which operate as optical electrical or optical sensors to electric.

Light emitting diodes, laser diodes injection and photodiodes may also be assembled. The electronic manufacturing services also include component mounting. The electronic manufacturing services use two basic technologies through hole technology (THT) technology and surface mount (SMT). In THT, the components are mounted on a PCB by inserting component leads through holes in the plate. They are then soldering the wires in place on the other side of the plate. In the GTS components are added to a component PCB solder terminals or leads to the upper surface of the board.

The electronic manufacturing services are available everywhere in the world and the United States. The EMS varies in terms of production capacity, quality standards and various regulatory requirements.


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