How to Save Ink and Money

The cost of inkjet printer cartridges is on the rise year after year. The printer manufacturers are subsidising the cost of the printer knowing that in the long run they are sure to make more money selling high priced cartridges. There are several ways that you can save money on the cost of printer cartridges. The first thing that you can do is to print in draft quality if you are just printing the document for yourself, to proof read or if your kids are just playing.

This will print everything in low quality and pictures in black and white. Therefore, this will save you loads of ink in your colour cartridges. This can be done easily enough. All you have to do is go into the printer driver on your pc, select printing preferences, and in there, there will be the draft printing option.

There may also be other options in your printer driver set-up that may not be as low quality as draft printing, but that could save ink as well instead of printing in full quality. Printing in draft will also be very fast as there is less ink put onto the paper. Therefore, if you are printing large document on you inkjet printer then this certainly a good option for you. The next thing you can do is to re-fill your own printer cartridges after they have ran out. There are plenty of shops out there who will sell you refill kits.

However, this can be kind of messy. You have to use a syringe to fill up the cartridges. When I tried the ink went all over the desk. It may be worth doing this over a sink or have plenty of paper around to mop up the mess. Another way of getting your cartridges re-filled is to take them to a printer cartridge re-filling outlet.

They seem to be in most towns and cities presently, so finding one would not be hard. However, be careful which outlet you choose as some of them can be as dear as buying the originals. Another option to save money is to buy compatible or re-manufactured printer cartridges. Compatible cartridges are new cartridges that have been made by manufacturers other than the printer manufacturer. These cartridges will fit your printer.

All the parts in the cartridges are brand new and the cartridges are filled with high quality ink. This could reduce printing cost of up to 70 percent. Re-manufactured cartridges are original manufacturers printer cartridges that have only been used once then sent away to be dismantled and then cleaned, put back together and professionally re-filled and re-packaged. The final way that you could reduce the cost of printing and always use original manufactures cartridges is by selling your used, original cartridges back to be re-manufactured. Cartridge brokers will buy original cartridges and then re-sell them back to companies that will process them and re-manufacture them.

Whatever method of saving money and ink you choose, remember to consider what is the right option for you. What will suit one person, will not always necessarily suit another. Try them out and see if they can benefit you.

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