Im Enjoying My New HDTV Experience


The Office is my all time choice sitcom at the present and I was so.

upset when it was temporarily cancelled due to the writer's strike.


agree that everyone wants more money but what about what the viewers.

need?  Anyway, I heard the strike is over and the writers are coming back.

to production.  This means that the tv show will be returning on air in April and I.

couldn't be any more happier.


I am not only content the sitcom is returning but I also have a nice new.

HDTV that I cannot wait to try out on The Office.  A couple weeks ago,.

my tiny old 19 inch gave out and I knew it was time to take a bound.

into the 21st century by purchasing a shiny new HDTV.

  All of my friends.

have been on my case trying to get me to buy a newer tv but I.

never saw the need for it since my 19 inch was perfectly acceptable enough for my.



Since I had to buy the new television, I decided on the HDTV as my.

friends suggested.  Apparently, I didn't explore it good enough because I.

didn't know that in order to get HDTV channels I would have to pay my.

Satellite company more money a month!  As if I do not pay enough money as it.

is and now after dishing out a grand on the television, I will have to.

pay even more per month.


Instead of just succumbing to the understanding that I would just have to.

deal with paying for it, I went online to see if there was a way.

around it.  I am so glad I did because I found antennas that will receive.

the signals I obtain from my cable Co.

  I was amazed to see the.

antennas were not a ton of money so I purchased one.


Anyway, I am looking forward to watching The Office on my new.


  Maybe Jim and Pam will get wedded, probably not.  Whom I love the.

best is Michael on the sitcom because he reminds me so much of my old.

superior.  It's amazing how few of things that rise out of his pie hole sounds a.

lot like something he would say.

  Not only that, some of the stuff he.

says is such a surprise that you just can't help but laugh till you cry.


Now that I have a new television to watch and a lot of new shows starting up, I just.

know that it's going to be the best television watching experience I have.

had in a rattling long time.


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