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In the early nineties few people could image the impact that notebook would have in the computer industry. Its unique portability made the notebook a product in a class by itself. Soon, it became a must-have product, to those who were constantly moving from office, home or school.

Nowadays, it is one of the best selling computer hardware items of all times. With a Notebook, you can carry your work around conveniently, without having to worry about the myriads of wires, hardware and space needed to keep a desktop. Also, you can choose whether to work from office or home. A Notebook is really handy in any situation.

Portability and mobility are the great advantages of having a Notebook, or laptop. In your Internet search prior to buying a Notebook, you will be presented with a great variety and quantity of information. This can be quite bewildering, so you have to know what features you need in a Notebook. Upgradabeality is an important consideration: the Notebook you choose now may be the one best suited to your current needs; but in future, you may find it necessary to upgrade it. You will not want to invest valuable time and money in purchasing a Notebook which you will have to discard or sell off in the near future, because of what you might feel as the inadequacy of your current one. When you consider upgradabeality, you have to think of memory or RAM, and hard disk space.

The CPU, or Processor, is the engine which will drive your Notebook`s performance. So you should choose the fastest CPU that is available, depending on your budget and on what you will be using the Notebook for. Tasks like word processing, emailing and surfing the Net do not require a fast CPU. But using CPU intensive applications, such as processing spreadsheets or playing games will work better with a fast CPU.

The RAM, or memory is another important feature, and the more memory you have, the better. Your Notebook`s performance will be greatly affected if you do not have sufficient memory. The minimum recommended these days is 1 Gigabyte of memory. Some experts recommend a minimum of 2 Gigabytes.

The more memory you have, the better the performance and multitasking you can expect from your Notebook. The speed and capacity of the hard disk of your Notebook are important, for this is where you will install all your software and your data (documents, database, photos etc). Make sure that you have enough room to store all your information which can be readily accessed. 40 Gigabytes of hard disk space is considered the minimum these days. Consider getting a Notebook with 80 Gigabytes of disk space.

Do note that Apple Notebooks are now using Intel processors, which means that if you have a hard disk with sufficient disk space, you can partition your disk drive and install both Apple Mac software and Windows software, and switch between the two. You also have to consider the screen of your Notebook, for this is what you are going to be staring at, and you have to be happy with its resolution and size. You will want a crisp, bright screen with good viewing, especially for photos. You can go and look at different screens at a local electronics store, and try to figure out which size and resolution you like best.

Just be sure that the screen is an Active Matrix one and not Passive Matrix. The other features you will be looking at to connect to your Notebook are external devices such as a mouse, printer, portable disk drive, scanner etc. Good luck! This article is under GNU FDL license and can be distributed without any previous authorization from the author. However the author's name and all the URLs (links) mentioned in the article and biography must be kept.

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