Simple Graphic Design

So you've got a great concept or idea but you just can't seem to get it down. You have been working on your computer for hours, days, weeks but just can't seem to accomplish anything concrete.

STOP. Think about it! How can you realistically create an effective graphic design if you don't know what you are trying to create? Take a breather and think about what I am about to suggest to you.

Let's suppose for a minute you want to open an importing company that will sell Red Shoes from China! Fire up your browser and Google this term. Learn what you can about manufacturers, distributors and competition. Now you have something to go on.

Try to quickly digest and figure out how you can make all of this information work for you. Now let?s start to design your company's corporate ID.

I know you really want to get critical design project completed now, but a wise man once said to me ?Slow down you'll go faster. OK, now you have a mental picture in your mind, look, feel, type paper you want to print on.

What colors shall I use? What typography (fonts) should I go with? What graphic message am I trying to communicate? These are the basic questions you need to address before you can begin your graphic design.

Here is an idea for you, in the infancy stage of creating your great concept, pickup a pencil and piece of paper and sketch your ideas before you go near your computer.

Programs like Corel Draw, Adobe Photo Shop, Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Pagemaker, etc. are the greatest programs for designers on the market.

But these great desktop publishing programs need to be told what you want, they cannot conceptualize. These programs cannot dream for you. So it really does come down to you, your pencil and paper as any graphic designer will tell you... conceptualize, sketch, render, create.

Follow these steps for all of your creative graphic designs. Whether you're designing a colorful website, a full color multi panel brochure, an annual report, an NCR form, a power point presentation, a full color business card or stationery, keep these guidelines in mind you'll find you start getting better mileage on one set of tires.

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