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Stairs are an essential aspect of departmental stores, malls, apartment and office buildings, airports, and railway stations. Stair climbing is often recommended by doctors to keep the body in shape, as it is an activity that burns lots of calories. However, stair climbing may not be possible or advisable for the old and infirm. These categories of persons can benefit from stair elevators.

A stair elevator can enable elderly and disabled individuals to live in a multi-floor dwelling. It is propelled by motor and offers various options. For example you can choose from external, keyed, hand-held pendant control, and flip-up package. External stair elevators can be installed outside a building, but will be difficult to use in inclement weather.

The keyed version requires a key to be put in place and turned for use. This is an expensive option and usually not required. With the flip-up package, the bottom part of the rail can be moved out of the way.

The hand-held pendant control is available in a few models. In addition, there are stair elevators designed for commercial purposes. These can be used in places like churches and stores. Stair elevators are also available to suit specific needs. For example, standing lifts can benefit those customers who cannot bend their legs to sit on a chair.

Similarly, elevators with greater seat depth can be provided to very tall customers for better comfort. Stair lift is the commonest type of stair elevator. It is a seat that moves on a tract installed to the staircase. It can be removed and installed elsewhere, if required.

Some stair lifts can be folded when not in use. Controls are wall-attached, chair-attached, or wireless hand-held. Medical insurance usually does not cover the cost of stair elevator. A stair lift has another use. It can be used to carry heavy luggage and supplies up and down stairs. It can work even in the event of power failure if it has backup batteries.

Stair lifts come with swivel seat and seat belt. The former ensures that the seat swivels only at the landing and not while the chair is in transit. In addition there are sensors to stop the lift if obstacles are found on the path. Stair lifts are beneficial for the elderly and the infirm and can enable them to move up and down multiple floors without difficulty. They come with manufacturer's guarantee and last long. However, it is advisable to have them checked every six months by a local dealer.

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