Television Understanding the Liquid Crystal Display Technology

The Televisions that use Liquid Crystal Display for an improved image quality are termed as the LCD Televisions. This is one of the latest inventions of technologies in TV and computer monitors. LCD televisions are easy on the eye and the intensity of strain to the eye balls is greatly reduced. Thus they make prolonged viewing much more comfortable and stress free.

In common parlance it can be said that there is a liquid in the screen and we see the image on the liquid screen. Broadly, this modern technology uses thin film transistors to monitor voltages to the individualized pixels. Here the transistors constantly regulate voltage to three liquid crystal sub pixels of red, green and blue, which in turn control light dispersion through the wafer thin panel.

But to be precise, LCD technology is based on the utilization of specified polarized light. In this mechanism the pixels are actually the segregation of thin liquid crystalline gels which get sandwiched by two polarized panels. The separated pixels then get activated with the activation and stimulation of X/Y grid, a bunch of wires connected to them. The amount of voltage applied to the X/Y grid is directly proportional to the darkening of the pixels which in turn get polarized at 90 degrees, and thus to obtain a brighter appearance relatively lower voltage should be applied to the pixels and similarly for dark shadow area the pixels get a higher voltage from the grid.

Irrespective of the voltage fluctuation a constant flow of charge keeps on passing through the pixels even at the absolute dark LCD pixel. The patterned vertical alignment or PVA and the super patterned vertical alignment or the SPVA technology is an added advantage of LCD televisions. The PVA and S-PVA offer a better and improved dark depth, and a wide viewing angles up to 178 degrees and S-PVA can offer additionally fast response times.

An upgraded and dynamic contrast ratio or the ratios between brightest colors to that of the darkest shades are also proficiently delivered by the PVA and S-PVA LCD panels which offer a clear balanced and highly monitored display at any intensity of light at the surrounding. Thus each and every pixel emits consecutive lights to set intensity of the picture. Today a number of companies are offering these manifold offerings with LCD technology and are marketing world wide. The prices vary with the manufacturer and so too the added features. Such as, Samsung is offering a high contrast ratio nearly 3000:1 with value-oriented PVA panels.

Their S-PVA panels do not apply color simulation or replication methods instead they use true electronics of 8-bit colors. Another new company Eizo uses even 10-bit colors and upgraded S-PVA panels. With these entire multiple and diverse benefits the most important caution against the usage of this liquid crystal display suggested by the authorities must be followed by the users. Such as, the liquid crystal inside the display are much toxic and can be fatal at times if it comes at a close contact with the skin or at any wounded area of the body part or even with the clothes.

It must not be ingested either. In case of accident, if spills occur, the area should be cleaned with soap and water immediately. However, there is a very low risk of such an accident taking place and there is no need of panic. Only if someone is totally irresponsible will he tear open the screen and cause an accident! It has been said that the improvement and advancement of LCD technology has increased the customer expectancy towards the quality resolution at a reasonable market price of this gadget and a minimal power consumption at the same time.

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