The Many Uses of Mobile Phones

The amazing rapid success of mobile phones both in terms of world wide sales and technology advancement has caused the mobile phone to be considered as equipment for all season. This means that the latest innovation in cell phones, those cutting edge technology laden cell phone units now just off the production lines and making brisk sales every where it is sold, are full of useful applications that you can use in your everyday life, whether you are a student, businessman, employee or stay at home mom. .From just ordinary mobile phone equipment you can only use to check on your husband whereabouts after office work or chat through text messages(SMS) with friends, the latest series of mobile phones has now grown into an equipment with a variety of useful applications.

One major component of mobile phones today are this digital cameras with video recorders. Nearly all mobile phones manufactured today have built-in digital cameras with video recording abilities.

This is one major component of present day mobile phones that stands out among its innovation. Aside from just being simple digital cameras, a user can enable his mobile phone to have a video recording of any thing that to him is worth recording on video. He can then store his video records on his computer or send it to friends either from his mobile phone or through the internet. This camera and video recording ability of mobile phones has helped tremendously in the many aspects of our everyday life.

Mobile phones with cameras and video recorders have even helped in solving crimes and recording accidents in its actual video details.


Another application of mobile phones that has enabled users to send to their friends and relatives recorded messages and even audio video recordings are the MMS functionality of their mobile phones. This application makes it possible to have anything that has been captured by their mobile phone whether it be voice recordings or image capture or even video and audio recordings to be sent to another mobile phone.

MMS stands for Multimedia messaging. .


With the growing importance of the internet in nearly all countries of the world, designers of this new batch of mobile phones have taken into consideration the need for mobile phones to be internet friendly in terms of having mobile phones to have direct access to the internet and to be able to access web programs from your mobile phones.

Thus, with the use of your new mobile phones, you can now browse the internet via a WAP or HTML browser.

. .

Actually, the reason why your new mobile phone can have all these various application is because the processing speed of your mobile phone plus its memory capacity has now the power capacity of a table top computer only 3 years ago. Can you imagine that? A mobile phone having the brains and processing speed of a computer desktop? Well, that is the beauty of today’s cutting edge technology mobile phones. In fact, aside from the discussed application there are still some added useful things that you can do with today’s latest mobile phones. You can now even send and received e-mails through your mobile phones by just connecting to any POP or IMAP servers. . .

Using a remote desktop application, you can even now make your mobile phone a window of your desktop computer. This would enable you to go on with whatever you are doing in your computer while you are not at home. Aside from these present application of mobile phones, there are still on going application that can be added to mobile phones that are presently being developed by mobile phone makers .

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