The Truth About Bluetooth Headsets

Everywhere you look, companies are producing Bluetooth Headsets faster than the rising cost of gasoline. Nokia, Sony, even Verizon Wireless is unveiling the newest trend in Blue Tooth technology, the headset. Demand is high, and understandably so. Studies have shown that many accidents occur while people are dually driving and speaking on cell phones. A Blue Tooth headset can solve the problem by freeing both hands for the wheel and allowing people to focus their attention on the task at hand-driving. Now, for those who are unfamiliar with Blue Tooth and headsets that utilize this mobile technology, don't let the name fool you.

Maybe you have conjured up images of geeky brains in MIT walking down the street with electric pulsating wires stemming from football helmets as they signal to each other in modified walkie talkies- nothing could be further from the truth. Today's modern headsets are little more than a comfortable, small and lightweight piece that rests over the ear. This technology is revolutionizing the way people communicate wirelessly and if modern manufacturers and patents are a clue to the future, will soon replace the traditional hand held cell phone. Not exactly a headset, but you can see a great pair of Blue Tooth wireless sunglasses worn by "Dog" on the A&E hit series, "Dog the Bounty Hunter". I wonder what other nifty gadgets the Dog has on the show! But if you look closely, you can catch the Dog speaking into his glasses (no and not in common "Bond" spy fashion) and see the rest of the team hear his words loud and clear. With the announcement that Verizon is releasing the Logitech Headset and making it available to all of their wireless customers, we are sure to see a sudden rise in the amount of Bluetooth headset wearers.

As testament to the sudden interest in headsets, the company Late On has just received an order for their mobile headsets to be released. These headsets are so versatile; they can be clipped on to a collar and are perfect for conducting phone conversations, as well as for listening to MP3 files. One of the world's leading manufacturers of mobile phones is also embracing the design of Blue Tooth headsets, Nokia. With three new Nokia headsets soon to be released we can see that the major companies are investing their own dollars in the production of these wireless devices that give users greater freedom and mobility. The world is pulling the wires on many of their devices and now we can see that Blue Tooth headsets are winning the race in mobile technology, with hands waving freely at the finish line.

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