Things You Can Do To Repair And Recover Your Windows Registry

Most of the time people don't even realize that they have a problem lurking in their Windows registry system until "poof," and the next thing they know they're being booted from their computer by an error message or the famous Microsoft blue screen of death. This can result in lost work, lost time, and at the very least an hour or two of hair-pulling frustration while you scream into the monitor. We have all been there, and we all know that dilemma.

Recovery: Fortunately, recovering the windows registry isn't that difficult. In fact, there are a ton of recovery programs out there that can help you, and some of them are even free. First off, before we start tinkering with the windows registry (it's the database that lists everything on your computer and helps everything work together, so it's not something you want to mess with unless you're sure it's the problem), I recommend doing a scan of your registry to see if the issue truly lies there. You can find reviews of a number of free windows registry scanners at our website After the scan has completed, the program will give you a list of different repair choices to fix any problem it might have found.

If the registry scanner you're using tries to redirect you to another site where you have to buy the full license to fix the problem you should know that there are some that will complete the fix for free. Of course, you can also search our website for registry recovery programs to download. Often, these programs are free or have a free trial period, and they will go through your registry and fix any problems they find. Post-recovery: Now that your registry is fixed, you can go on working with no problems, right? Wrong.

Registry problems are likely to crop up again, especially if you add or delete a lot of software or hardware from your computer. You should keep that Windows registry repair tool handy since you'll probably need it in a few months. Why do these errors keep coming back? The registry, as mentioned earlier, lists everything on your computer. The more programs and hardware you add, the more entries in your registry. The way the registry is set up, these entries should be deleted when you remove any of these programs or devices.

However, that doesn't always happen. Viruses, adware, spyware, and other unwanted things can also corrupt the registry, adding to your problems. Registry protection: Now that we've discussed how to recognize a registry problem and correct it, as well as what causes our registry woes, it is important to realize how to keep from having more future problems.

One thing you can do is make sure that you continue to use the registry scanner you downloaded about every other week to keep your system at its optimum performing level and help to make sure that you don't lose any future work or incur any unnecessary headaches. In addition to regularly running a Windows registry scan, you'll want to continue to scan for spyware and viruses. Doing all of these scans at once will really clean out your computer, and if you can set your computer to do these scans automatically on a certain day, it requires no real thought at all. Just be sure to have them scan at a time when you don't need your computer for important work. What you need to remember to keep a healthy registry: * Do a scan to make certain the registry is the problem.

There's no sense messing with it if it's not causing your computer issues. * Download a registry repair tool to repair the registry. * Run registry scans regularly to fix problems as they occur.

To read more about registry repair software, methods for repairing your windows registry, plus tips on keeping your computer running at peak efficiency, visit

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