Top PC Hardware Accessories to Boost your Gaming Performance

Admit it; your home computer isn't just about work, paying bills, and emailing out resumes, is it? You sneak off from time to time to play the newest computer games, and that is certainly okay. So you probably also know that sometimes you just need certain accessories to fully enjoy the gaming experience. That is especially true with games like flight simulators that are a lot more enjoyable if you have joystick or sports games that are easier with a game pad. In that spirit, here are five hardware accessories that will boost your performance. First of all, you are probably going to want a joystick.

If you are going to do it, though, you might as well go all out and not cheat yourself. Some of the best have as many as 8 programmable buttons on them, and usually include gaming extensions software to allow you to program the joystick to whatever game you are playing at any given time. Look for something that allows you to adjust head tilt, palm rest, and all of the other movable parts for your comfort. Look for something that hooks up easy, like via USB and that can be used on whatever type of computer you have. Second, make sure you have a good mouse. A good wireless optical mouse is best for your gaming needs.

An optical mouse determines motion by imaging the surface it is gliding on over and over again. It then compares the successive frames to determine motion. This will give you a much quicker advantage over competitors when playing games on the internet. Try to find something that connects via USB. The one thing to be aware of with optical wireless mice, though, is that they run on batteries that tend to die fast.

So, think about rechargeable batteries with your mouse. Third, you will need a game pad, especially if you play console games. Many are set up just like the ones for home game systems. Find one with a comfortable grip, so if you have a long gaming session you won't find yourself with tired hands. Most will be easy to install and will connect through your USB connection.

Try several out in the stores to make sure it is one with which you will be comfortable and will be able to use effectively. The fourth must have hardware accessory for your gaming needs is a 3-piece computer speaker set. You don't need the fanciest set in the world, but a set of two speakers and sub woofer will have excellent quality for you. Look for a set where you will simply need to set the speakers up on your computer desk, put the subwoofer under the desk, and start gaming.

Good speakers like this will enhance your gaming experience by bringing the sounds and effects of the game right to you. Along with your speakers you may consider headphones. Headphones will let you escape to another world and allow you to play late at night without waking up the entire household. Find some that fit you comfortably and that will not distort sound if turned to a moderate volume and you will find your gaming experience enhanced and perhaps improved. Fifth, every gamer worth his salt knows that the best way to fully enjoy gaming is with lots and lots of random access memory (RAM). If you enjoy graphic intense games (and who doesn't?) then you know that they are resource hogs.

The more RAM you have the better your games will be. In fact, if you notice some of the games you are playing now seem to be slowing down, RAM will very likely help. Most of the time, RAM can be increased via a simple hardware piece you plug into your motherboard. However, consult your computer manual to find out the best way to increase RAM in your particular PC. Gaming can be a lot of fun on your PC. You have access to the internet and unlimited opponents and teammates, plus it's a good way to get away without actually going anywhere.

Healthy competition and just good old fashioned fun, but to really enjoy it you may want to consider some hardware purchases or upgrades. By making these few adjustments you can enhance your gaming experience and perhaps improve your performance.

Gregg Hall is a business consultant and author for many online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida. Get PC gaming accessories accessories at

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