What To Look For In A Portable Metal Detector

Like a regular metal detectors, a portable metal detector is made to find metal objects. However, the portable one is designed specifically for more personalized use such as searching for metal or weapons carried by people, clothes, bags, or other objects. Portable metal detectors are designed with sensitive surfaces and special shapes for their specialized functions. They are used to find metal, live wires, and wood-stud location in houses. They can also be used for security in business establishment. There are two types of portable metal detectors.

There are hand held devices and walk-through metal detectors. Hand held metal detectors are light and easy to carry, with a small pouch or a wrist strap. Walk-through metal detectors come in small bags. They are foldable and easy to set-up and can be functional within five minutes. A list of the technical features in a portable metal detector includes the following: - 9V battery power supply - Adjustable sensitivity - Battery life in continuous operation is maximum of 50 hours with NiMH batteries, and 150 hours with alkaline batteries - Built-in buzzer with high-intensity pulsed acoustic alarm - Indicator lamps for power on, alarm, and low battery charge - Operating temperature of 5 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 to 60 degrees Celsius) - Relative humidity at 0 to 95 percent - Shock-resistant - Three-position switch with visible or with audible and visible alarms - Vibration function to enable silent work - Weighs 1 lb (0.4 kg), more or less When the metal detector battery is running low, the indicator light will flash to alert you.

Metal detectors with rechargeable batteries usually take four to six hours to recharge. Normally, portable metal detectors consume less power with each use. You do not need to charge too often. Not all models of portable metal detector can find or pinpoint the exact location of metal implants or objects in the body. There are more sensitive devices made for that purpose.

Green LED light commonly indicates that the device is on, amber LED indicated low battery, and red LED indicates alarm. Some models beep along with the alarm. The metal detector also cannot determine if the object is magnetic or not. All it can do is alert you to the presence of metal. Check that the portable metal detector conforms to the international standards applicable for electrical safety, EC regulations, and EMC. This will make sure that the device has been tested to work properly and is guaranteed to be free of defects.

If something does go wrong with the metal detector, it will be easier to replace. A portable metal detector can be used for personal or business reasons. Operators do not need specialized training to wield the devices. These metal detectors are not made to invade privacy. Security-sensitive places such as airports, banks, bars, businesses, courtrooms, malls, schools, and other public areas use metal detectors to ensure the safety of everyone.

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